How to prepare for a trip to the mountains in the summer?

The mountains are one of the main directions in which we are going on summer holidays. Not everyone likes visiting historic cities or lazing on the beach. The mountains are ideal for people who like active rest, long hikes and contact with nature.

However, to make the trip successful, it is necessary to prepare it properly. Without taking the right things, comfort and safety will be significantly reduced. You will also quickly complain that you did not take away something that turns out to be very useful.


Necessary equipment of the suitcase

Although you usually choose summer time for a trip, you still have to think about many things.

The suitcase must enter not only thin, light things. You must also take:

  • rain jacket
  • socks to prevent chafing
  • solid shoes
  • long trousers
  • hoodie

You have to remember that the weather in the mountains can be very changeable. Just because you are going out on a trail with full sun and pleasant warmth does not mean that you will not get wet again. Therefore, you always have to prepare for it, having something more to wear with you.

The right footwear in the mountains

Footwear is very important in the mountains – it has a significant impact on safety. It is unacceptable to wear thin sandals in which we walk around the city, but even seemingly sport sneakers have a too smooth surface. It is easy to slip in such shoes and dislodge the leg. A much better choice will be decent trekking shoes, in which each step is more stable and stable, and the foot and ankle additionally secured.

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