Where to go on holiday looking for refreshment?

Summer can kill – literally! It is no wonder that some of us are looking for a place to relax where the temperature is a bit more gracious and gives a break. Some do not enjoy the roasting of the sun. Fortunately, no world map has many points that are able to provide the desired cooling. Let’s look at them!

Slovenia – Lake Bled

Perhaps this is not a place of maximum respite from high temperature – but it is certainly nice. Central Europe encourages recreation on the shores of Lake Bled and is also not so far from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana. The biggest advantage of this place is the surface of the lake with a cobalt color – a pleasant refreshment for the discerning!

Norway – Lofoten

For those who are looking for a real coolness, Norway is the perfect place to relax. Lofoten is a paradise for tourists. There you can find beautiful beaches, charming mountains and fabulous fjords – and the temperature here does not exceed 20 ° C – in summer!

Other “cool” vacation places:

  • Portuguese Azores
  • Koster Island, Sweden
  • Faroe Islands, Denmark

The real challenge would be a holiday trip to Siberia, but it’s a treat for real adventurers. Most should settle for a great fun in good style and at a lower temperature in one of the places mentioned above. An additional advantage is that in these places you can count not only on pleasant cold, but also lower prices and less tourists. Pleasures for those who really want to have a good rest!

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